Blessed and Broken

Recorded on December 2, 2018. Stephen Mead continues his lessons in Mark Chapter 14. Jesus prepares his followers for the Last Supper and provides instructions for us today to partake of the unleavened bread and the fruit of the vine in remembrance of Him. He also foretells them of his betrayal that will soon take place.


Recorded on September 30, 2018. Stephen Mead preaching from scripture found in Ephesians. Grace was first extended to us when Jesus Christ died on the cross and we are to live a life of humility and grace and live as Christ and to offer grace to others.



Recorded on September 16, 2018. Stephen Mead speaks from Mark 4:30-32. Our faith begins as small as a mustard seed but through increasing knowledge and wisdom in God's Word our faith grows and matures. As well as our desire to grow Christ's church. We sow and water, but God provides the increase.


Recorded August 26, 2018. Stephen Mead continues his series from Romans 8:18-39. We as baptized Christians need to remember God's glory will surpass all sufferings here on this earth and look forward to the day we are with Christ in Heaven.


Recorded August 19, 2018. Stephen Mead continues his series in Romans from Chapter 6:1-14. Baptized into Christ's Death and Raised to walk in Newness of Life as Christ was Raised from the Dead by the glory of the Father.