For more than 50 years, College Hill has served and shared in the life of our neighborhood.  Here's a little bit about who we are and what we hope to be.    


Our beliefs

The heart of the Christian faith is expressed in a story, not in a list like the one you will find below.  We believe that God is best understood through the way he has revealed himself to human beings throughout history, the heart of which is described in a book called the Bible.  Still, the following descriptions may be helpful in understanding some of the highlights of what we believe about God and our part in the story of faith.

God: We believe in the one God of the universe, who created and sustains life.  Though God is one, we believe that God is the unity of three distinct Persons--Father, Son, and Spirit--which for centuries Christians have called the Holy Trinity.  We believe that God is beyond our full comprehension, yet wants to be known by us through a deep and loving relationship with his creation.  

Human Beings: We believe that God created human beings in love and in his own image.  Like all creation, humans are created good and designed to share in the love and compassion of our maker.  We believe that God created all human beings equally and blessed us with the unique diversities of gender, ethnicity, personality, skill, and passion, so that we might better understand God as we live in community with one another.  

Sin: We believe that human beings are also created with the freedom to choose good or evil, love or hate, peace or violence.  Though God is good and desires that people share in his goodness, humans throughout history have sinned, choosing evil instead of good.  Sin violates our nature and harms our relationship with the God who made us.

Jesus: We believe that, because of our sin, God lovingly became a human being in human history as a person named Jesus, so that in Jesus, God might save humanity from our sin and restore our relationship with God.  We believe that Jesus was fully divine yet fully human, and that he shared in the full experience of human life and struggle, yet without sin.  We believe that Jesus was crucified on a cross, but that God raised him from the dead.  We believe that Jesus' death and resurrection restores the relationship between God and human beings which was broken by human sin.

Church: We believe that Jesus' life, death, and resurrection have significance for the way people live today.  During his life, Jesus called people to follow his teachings and example.  Since the time of his resurrection, people who believe in Jesus have shared in a community called the church, where believers worship God and support one another in living like Jesus lived.  We believe that God works in and through the church to continue to show his love and mercy to the world.

The Bible: We believe, as mentioned above, that God desires to be known by human beings and that God is best known through the story of God's interaction with human beings.  The Bible is a collection of the stories and writings of believers in God which Christians view as a foundational source of insight and guidance into who God is and what God intends for humanity.  We believe that the Bible is God-inspired, meaning that God has worked through the words of many human authors throughout history to communicate his message in a special way, which enables Christians to know God and how to be like God in our own lives.  

Worship: We believe that the God who creates, sustains, and restores life to the world is worthy of praise and adoration.  We believe that a Christian's entire life is meant to be an act of worship to God, bringing glory to God by following in the footsteps of Jesus.  As a community of believers, we also share in specific acts of worship, which set the rhythm of our shared lives of faith.  For example, Christians share in a weekly gathering on Sundays, where we praise God in song and hear a message from his word, and where we share in a symbolic meal called communion which memorializes the saving death of Jesus.  Christians also share in a practice called baptism, a once-for-all proclamation of faith in Jesus Christ, through which God communicates forgiveness and equips the believer for a lifetime of commitment to God.

Hope: We believe that, in Jesus, God wishes to restore a loving, everlasting relationship with all people.  All people are welcome to share in the hope and grace that God has freely given to the world.  We believe in the promise of everlasting life for those who are faithful to God.  We believe that God intends to restore all creation to the goodness in which it was first made, and that God will accomplish this task in full at the return of Jesus Christ.


Our Heritage

The story of the College Hill Church of Christ began in 1963 with a small gathering of Christians on the campus of Fort Worth Christian College.  Quickly, the congregation grew and moved across the street to its current location, hoisting its steeple high above the fast-growing suburb of North Richland Hills.  Since its founding, College Hill has sought to love and support its local community in the way that Jesus teaches, and over time, the church has made countless friendships with our nearby schools and neighbors.  College Hill also has a rich history of caring for one another, strengthening one another through the challenges of life, loving one another like family.

In addition to its own history, College Hill also shares in the heritage and ideals of the Restoration Movement, an effort amongst Christians to restore the teachings and practices of the first century church.  We strive to follow the example of the earliest Christians in our beliefs and practices, as seen in the pages of the Bible.  From our deep commitment to Scripture, to the simplicity of our worship services, to the way we share the good news about Jesus, you'll find our the hope of revitalizing the faith and unity of the early church.


Want to know more?

We'd love to talk more with you about who we are and how we are striving to be like Jesus in our neighborhood.  The best way to to find out more is to come join us for one of our worship gatherings or events.  All are welcome to attend.  You may also feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more about God or about College Hill.  You can follow the link below here to find ways to contact us: